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Oxygen Hypersaturated water

TEST - ORP value.

ORP value, or Redox Potential, is a measurement of water's ability to oxidize contaminants.  Most types of water, including tap water and bottled water, are oxidizing agents as their ORP value is positive.  

Alkaline ionized water is an anti-oxidizing agent, as it has a negative ORP value and it is able to donate extra electrons to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.

By passing the water through AcquaPHI the value Orp decreased from +56 mv to -45 mv.  From an "oxidative state" water is transmuted to an "antioxidant state" and this without the use of electric current or the addition of minerals.

A lab test carried out in January 2017 showed an 8.9% increase in dissolved oxygen when water flows through AcquaPhi. This value has been verified to be stable after 24 hours. The percentage of 'dissolved oxygen and pH depends on the characteristics of the water source, such as: water temperature, operating pressure, hardness, conductivity, pH and existing dissolved oxygen, and therefore can vary.

The enrichment in dissolved oxygen derives exclusively from the water itself and does not come from external sources.

Our theory is that a small percentage of water molecules, made of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, undergoes a molecular process that generates dissolved oxygen.

The test report n.16122001 of 20.06.2016 done at the Chemical Analysis Center od Dr. Pasquale Abbaticchio, certifies a dissolved oxygen value in water of 9.8 mg / liter output. Compared to 9.0 mg / L input, this corresponds to an increase of 8.9%. This value is confirmed by repeating the test after 24 hours, on sample stored sealed in the bottle of Winkler.

It was also found an increase in the pH value of water from 7,48 to 7,81.

The reference method of analysis for dissolved oxygen is the use of a specific electrode for via polarimetric while for the pH value of the reference method of analysis is the APAT CNR IRSA 2060 Man 29, 2003.

AcquaPhi do not require electrical power for their operation and comply with D.M. n. 25/2012 of 7 February 2012 - D.M. 174/2004 of 6 April 2004 - Legislative Decree no. 31/2001 of 2 February 2001. (Italy)

Effects of structured water on plants

TEST - Effects on plants

While benefits on human beings are difficult to demonstrate following the standard protocols of science, the benefits of structured water on plants are readily observable.

Structured Water fortifies plant-life. It can extend the blossoming time for plants while simultaneously making them stronger and more resilient to pests and weather fluctuations. 

symmetrical crystals of hexagonal base, Masaru Emoto test for Energetic Signature

TEST - Water Crystals

Pure water, as it is found in nature, has a perfect structure that can be observed (when frozen) as an infinite combination of symmetrical crystals of hexagonal base. The biological water inside our cells is made of structured water.

Dr. Emoto’s ground-breaking research on so-called ‘healing waters’ reveals how water's molecular structure is organized into crystalline geometric patterns and how this structure interacts with 'vibrational impulses' emanating from the surrounding environment.

We utilized the same technique developed by Dr. Emoto, to analyze the crystals of ordinary tap-water after having been revitalized.

Sensitive Crystallization Test

All living organisms are characterized by a precise organization and a distinct morphology which continuously and regardless of the environment is formed, in which no element is random. All parts are interrelated and interdependent, organized in a necessary hierarchy.  This system of forces (life ether, chemical ether, light ether, heat ether) and relationships represents the "Project," the "etheric body" or, in terms of the latest research in biology, the "morphogenetic field" (form generator), typical and exclusive of all living things.

The great discovery of R. Steiner (and E. Pfeiffer, who built it in the laboratory practice) is that this field of forces that generate life are the same forces that are expressed in the form of life and which is made visible through the Crystallization sensitive and other analytical methods.

Test n. 4867 of 5 October 2012 - AcquaPhi

Test n. 4884 of 22 October 2012 - Witness (AcquaLange)

Crystallization Sensitive tests with AcquaPhi

The AcquaPhi sample and the Witness (Water Lange) were collected in glass bottles and sent to the laboratory by courier at a distance of twenty days of each other. Packed in aluminum foil and cardboard boxes have traveled at room temperature. They have apparently suffered the stress of any kind.

The crystallization tests were carried out in our laboratory Andalo V. the same day of the samples, according to the standard that provides for: glass discs floor diam. 9 cm - 0.17 g of CuCl2.2H2O - total 6.00 ml aqueous solution per repeat - 5 repetitions per sample - T = 30 ° C - U. Rel. = 60% - of crystallization controlled environment for immobility and horizontality of table tops.

Both crystals show images configured in a manner and at least one organization sketch which shows a discrete quality of water used for the experiment. The figure obtained with the sample of "AcquaPhi" (Fig. 1) shows, however, some elements of net improvement both in general and in detail. The "starry" structures, visible in both tests, are sharper brighter, more expanded and better collected at the center. Also the major flaws visible in Fig. 2 (the broad masses of CuCl2 salt left to itself, visible especially on the right side but also elsewhere in the photo) are mostly resolved and the picture is more harmonious, orderly and vital.

In conclusion, the Sensitive Crystallization can testify an effective and positive impact of AcquaPhi device on the quality and vitality of water.

Andalo them V. November 2, 2012

The examiner:

Maurizio Peruzzi


Laboratory: Via Roma n. 11 / b - 23014 Andalo Valtellino (SO)

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Sensitive Crystallization Test