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Innovative water treatment systems

Increases dissolved oxygen (+8,9%), increases alkalinity and decreases ORP value.

AcquaPhi is a device that acts on the electromagnetic component of water by modifying its molecular structure. The result is a structured water with a significant increase in dissolved oxygen (+8.9%), a strong alkalizing action and a drastic reduction in the ORP value (Redox Potential). 

Acquaphi is not a filter. The apparatus refines and energizes water using electromagnetic signals that act on its molecular structure. 
Acquaphi can be installed stand-alone or in combination with a filtration system.
The device requires no electricity or other parts to be replaced.

To treat water for the whole house AcquaPhi is installed immediately after the water meter (Models: Pro, Family and Mini), to treat the water of a single tap, the slim and micro models are designed to be conveniently housed under the sink.

Structured water generators AcquaPhi

Water memory and electromagnetic pollution 

The water in our homes is subjected to a very stressful treatment. After being artificially pressurized, chlorine and other harmful substances are added to treatment plants to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. These "modern" treatments make the water lose its vitality and many of its natural properties, including the ability to self-purify and self-organize.

Nobel Prize winner Dr Luc Montaigner has confirmed with his experiments that water has a highly sensitive electromagnetic structure. Within this structure, it records the vibration information of all the elements with which it comes into contact.  We discovered that the quality of water depends not only on a good filtration, but above all on its molecular structure and energetic signature.

How to structure water

Restructuring water

AcquaPhi resets the molecular structure of water by erasing old information and reducing the harmful effect of pollutants.

After this process, a new set of information is transferred to water at an energy level. This is possible thanks to a mixture of meta-materials that emits frequencies in the infrared spectrum without coming into contact with water.

Drinking Water and Filtration Systems

We are told that the water that comes to our homes is in most cases within the parameters established by law for drinking water, however dangerous pollutants such as Pfas (perfluoridated chemicals), high levels of arsenic, nitrates, nitrites and many other substances have been found, even occasionally, in many parts of the world.  For this reason, a high quality filtration system is recommended in most cases.

We believe that the Reverse Osmosis System (RO) is the most effective system for removing all types of contaminants from water; however, we recommend its use only and exclusively for areas with serious problems of water contamination.

RO is an extreme solution because osmosis has some significant disadvantages:

RO removes almost all minerals and makes the water acidic.

If you are already using an RO system, we recommend a remineralizing cartridge in combination with the osmosis filter. This is the solution to replacing the minerals that have been removed by the osmotic membrane and also to improve the pH. 

For those who reside in an areas without particular water pollution problems, AcquaPhi can be installed without any filter. Unfortunately, this is not the norm today.

For those who believe it is necessary to filter their drinking water, we are now able to offer a range of hi-quality ultrafiltration systems in combination with our water dynamisers.

We offer an accurate combination of prefiltration, water softening, Granular Activated Carbons and Ultrafiltration treatments to ensure a continuous supply of clean and fresh drinking water.

All components manufactured in Europe (no made in China) with an excellent price-quality ratio.
This ultra-filtration technology system removes contaminants from the water of 0.02 microns including most bacteria and some viruses.  In each filter cartridge is also used the innovative BACINIX™ nanosilver technology, providing anti-bacterial protection.

Our Solutions for Superior Home Drinking Water

Excito-B + AcquaPhi Slim

5-stage (0.02 micron) ultrafiltration system combined with AcquaPhi Slim dynamizer.
It is easily installed under the kitchen sink and allows to generate a continuous and immediate flow of high quality, oxygenated, alkaline and ionized water.

The system is equipped with modern in-line cartridges based on "PUSH IN - PUSH OUT" for quick replacement, requiring no special tools or the use of additional sealants such as Teflon tape .

Filtration characteristics:

- Removal of sediment
- Water softening
- Chlorine and other organic substances removal
- Reducing the concentration of heavy metals
- Elimination of most bacteria and viruses

Sistema di filtraggio per acqua da bere

Excito-B + Cartridge AcquaPhi Stage-1

This system consists of a 5-stage ultrafiltration bined with AcquaPhi Stage-1 cartridge for water dinamization.
It is easily installed under the kitchen sink and allows to generate a continuous and immediate flow of high quality, oxygenated, alkaline and ionized water.

AcquaPhi does not require the use of electricity, maintenance or spare parts.

It installs after the meter and provides high quality water throughout the house. For longer cartridge life it is recommended to install a pre-filter for sediment.

Sistema di filtrazione per abitazioni

FP3-UF + AcquaPhi Stage-1

4-Stage Water Filtration System with UF membrane suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations. Through an accurate combination of pre-filtration, softening, iron reducing, activated carbon with special media and ultrafiltration treatments it ensures a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.


20 micron-rating Sediment filter (Stage 1)
Softening and iron reducing cartridge (Stage 2)
Granular Activated Carbon (Stage 3)
Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane (Stage 4) 

Energizing Cartridge AcquaPhi Stage-1

The AcquaPhi devices contain a mix of minerals and noble alloys (Mixos) that generates an energy microfield, whose signal is amplified through the construction geometry of the apparatus. AcquaPhi is in fact entirely designed according to the Golde Section Phi. 

The microfield generated by Mixos alone has a considerable effect on the water structure. This very simplified model, but suitable for the reduced water flow of thefiltration systems, contains a coil made up of a "John Guest" certified drinking water pipe wrapped in a layer of Mixos. The latter transfers its vibrations to the water flowing inside it 

The Stage-1 cartridge has a similar effect to other AcquaPhi devices, even if with a lower intensity. 
Stage-1 is certified for a duration of more than 10 years.

Benefits of structured water

Users of AcquaPhi report a remarkable increase on plant growth.  Structured Water appears to fortify plant-life and extend the blossoming time for plants while simultaneously making them stronger and more resilient.

Plants irrigated with structured water seem to require much less fertilizer and less chemicals products.

Tissues are 65% and Muscles are 75% water.

Drinking and bathing in AcquaPhi structured water renjuvinates the skin seems to increase strength and vitality.

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, the world’s leading authority on water science, has proven that “hexagonal water,” is present in various geographic regions of the world and has long been known for its healing properties and medicinal effects. In 1986, Dr. Jhon officially presented his theory, "Molecular Water Environment."

Animals seems to prefer instinctively structured water to regular tap water. 

Foods left to soak in AcquaPhi structured water appears to maintain their freshness longer.

The flour mixed with structured water appears to get a better leavening with an imrpoved final quality of baked products.

AcquaPhi structured water appears to reduce the accumulation of destructive calcium and lime deposits in water pipes.

One of our distributors experienced excellent results with industrial ice machines.

AcquaPhi transforms every pool and Jacuzzi in a energizing experience. Water appears to reduce the amount of chlorine required for the hygienic operation of swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.

Certified lab tests demonstrated that AcquaPhi increases dissolved oxygen (+8,9%), increases alkalinity and decreases ORP value.
AcquaPhi doesn't require electricity or periodic substitution of parts or other accessories.   
Is therefore a maintenance-free, life-time appliance. 

The models Pro, Family, Mini, Micro and Slim, have the same construction characteristics and functionality, and differ only in the flow rate of water.

Construction Quality

All internal pipes and connections are made of Aisi316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

PHI Design

The construction geometry is based on the mathematical values of Phi and Pi Greco.
The tube inside the apparatus is wrapped according to the DNA geometry. The DNA was theorized to function as an antenna for the surrounding energy fields.

AcquaPhi Water dynamizers all models
Meta Materials

AcquaPhi is internally coated with a layer of meta-materials that emitting infrared frequencies have the ability to influence the molecular structure of the water.

100%  Free Maintenance

AcquaPhi does not require electricity or periodic replacement of parts or other accessories.

The water present in our cells (also called biological water) is a structured water. Considering that at the molecular level our body is made up of 99% water we can assume that water has the function of matrix for the almost instantaneous transfer of all biological information.

Viktor Schauberger

Observe and copy nature
~ Viktor Schauberger 1885-1958.

AcquaPhi is inspired by the teachings of the naturalist Viktor Schauberger.
According to Schauberger, in order to understand the true nature of water, it is necessary to go beyond the simple chemical understanding of the H2O.   His research has revealed that water exhibits numerous unusual physical and biophysical properties, unlike any other substance in the world.

While the benefits for humans are difficult to demonstrate by following the standard protocols of modern science, the benefits of water structured on plants are easily observable.

Our testimonies suggest that structured water:

  • Increases harvest yields between 15% and 30%
  • Increases bioavailability of water and nutrients for plants
  • Increases oxygen concentration and optimizes pH
  • Helps increase the weight and size of fruit and vegetables
  • Increases shelf life of products
  • Helps speed up seed germination
  • Helps reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Helps to reduce livestock and livestock diseases
  • Helps reduce diseases in aquaculture
  • Helps reduce electricity bills 


Introducing AcquaPhi BIG. 
For biodynamic agriculture, livestock farms,
swimming pools, tanks and industrial pipelines.

Operational Pressure Max 6 bar

Height 170 cm, Width 120 cm
In and Out Reversible

structured water fro bio-dynamic agriculture
Water Flux: ~ 16.500 Lt/h

Operational temperature 0°C - 60°C


The described properties of our products are based on experience gained from practical applications using AcquaPhi. However, such experience is not yet validated by currently accepted scientific measurement methods. Consequently, our customers purchase products that are based on research outside the framework of conventional science.

None of the statements on any pages of this website have been submitted for review, nor have they been approved by the FDA or any other regulatory agency. This site is intended to provide educational information about our products and nothing stated is intended as medical advice or counseling. Please contact your doctor or medical practitioner with any questions about any health matter or condition.