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The following testimonials have been sent by users of AcquaPhi. They describe subjective and personal experiences and thus the same effects can not be observed by all users.


I am sorry for the long delay in corresponding with you.

Many amazing things have transpired since attaching your mini unit to our well water supply.

Friends that have not seen me for 6 months or so, tell me that I am still ugly, 😊 but at least ten years younger looking. And then there is my mother, two brain hemorrhages over 6 years ago, solid gray hair that is now turning black, body water retention gone, she has lost at least ten kg. We are going to have to buy a new wardrobe of slacks because none of her old pants fit. She is more alert and involved now than she has been since the hemorrhages. I can only say, WOW!!!!

Just today I finally found a lab that will test DO levels for 12.55 euros per sample. I would like to know if I could sell units for you from time to time. I have a neighbor who wants to purchase one of your Micro units. If you could guide me on this I would appreciate it. e in structured water. I am just looking for scientific proof. I will make arrangements in the next week or so to order the next unit.

Kind regards,

Hello Christian,

after little more than a week of installing AquaPhi I decided to write our impressions (my and my family).

After talking with you of how AcquaPhi operates I was already quite confident of its potential, but further irrefutable proof convinced me fully after the test result on the water taken from the Lake of Lugano Lake. From the report of the Swiss laboratory analysis it was evident the drastic reduction of mesophilic germs and Escherichia coli. The same result happened also at Lake of Varese.

In addition to these scientific tests I have also had tangible evidence of its operation.

Once installed at home, the faucets expelled dirty water for a few seconds (my piping system has more than 100 years!) as if AcquaPhi had cleaned the old pipes, and needless to emphasize that after this the water has appeared good and clear. My mother-in-law who has never been able to drink tap water because it is too heavy to digest, now drink it by the gallon.

But I'll tell you more, the other night we bled the radiators as we often do, and the most striking thing of all, and that left me in awe is expected that as usual water black, evil-smelling, putrid and oily instead it is completely clear water output!

It's really amazing!

I could go on to list his achievements: the shower tiles have lost that yellow / pink color, typical of the limestone which is deposited, the dishes come out of dishwasher much brighter , the surfaces are easier to clean, taking a shower now is a different experience on the skin and now I look forward to testing this water on our garden!

So, on behalf of myself and my family I make you my warmest congratulations because you created something that improves people's lives, a prodigious device that should be present in every home thanks to word of mouth- and this testimonial is my small contribution to your excellent work.

Again my congratulations and thanks!

Dear Christian,

This summer I had a garden "emergency" where i found my prized dahlias nearly dead in a 104-degree fareinheit, very hot day. Someone had accidentally turned off the irrigation to my entire garden, without my knowledge. I ran around giving the plants that were suffering the most severely extra water by hose, in addition to running the irrigation at its much slower pace.

At one point I thought I might faint from heat exhaustion. So I went upstairs into the air conditioning and had the inspiration to take a cool bath using my new AcquaPhi. I used a bit of Epsom salts in the bath water too. I hurried and got in before the tub was full, and so splashed the water up onto my neck and face to cool off quickly. Then I rested for at least 20 minutes in the water. Afterward, I expected to feel completely drained for the rest of the day (particularly because I was already suffering from heavy fatigue symptoms before the heat of the day). Instead, I had a LOT more energy than before, which for lasted about 5 hours after the bath. Very surprising!  

Since then I haven't noticed such a dramatic effect when I take a bath. I allow it to fill very slowly (it's an enormous size bath tub) to maximize the AcquaPhi effect on the water. Perhaps since I am not in as severe a need, the effect is less pronounced. In any case, a shower with AcquaPhi is still my daily favorite! I've noticed that my hair is extremely soft, and 2 of my adult nieces have come to try a shower and shampoo here, to see if they notice a difference (they have).  

That is fascinating, great news about the athletes using AcquaPhi! Thank you for persevering through many obstacles to bring your vision to the market. You are clearly making a positive difference in many peoples lives with AcquaPhi!

Hello Christian,

I am sorry for the delay in responding to your email question about other results. Life has a way of throwing curve balls. I am glad to inform you that another family has experienced some amazing changes after they started drinking my well water that was structured by your appliance. An elderly couple who were of poor health and going through surgery's to replace knees and hips, have been drinking the AcquaPhi treated well water for 4 months now . They were mostly disabled and using wheelchairs, walkers and canes just to get around the house, are now walking without help and without pain. Amazing!!!! They were dehydrated and did not know it. Now they will not drink their well water but will travel to get a supply of the structured water. They canceled the surgery's.

You may use my statement on your website, but in all honesty, I am adding one very important step to the water. I put one cup of "Redmon's Real Salt" into a quart jar of structured water. I let the jar set for 24 hours, shaking it a few times to make sure that all the salt is dissolved, and then I add one teaspoon per gallon. The salt is harvested from an ancient deposit of highly mineralized sea salt. I believe that the results are a combination of the structured water and the addition of the dissolved ancient sea salt. The ground water in our area is not the best.

Dear Christian,
I love it! Amazing.
It increased the flow of my water by 0.6liter per second. The flow rate before was between 0.4 to 0.6 and now it is above 1.1 L/sec I believe.
I will be testing the energy level of the water with our biowell device (
However, it took me 3 stores to find the 1/8 to 3/4 adapter... But now I know and will be able to direct our community.
I will be doing more advertising and will also ask the patient who bought the big family one.
The husband is savvy in filter and I cannot wait to get his testimonial.

Thank you again,
Dr Stephane Provencher
Good evening Ing. Lange,

How are you?

I am writing after two weeks because I wanted to be sure after the various tests with Phi water.

I state that because, even if I trust my architect friend who recommended the purchase, I was little skeptic about the device.

I'm aware of the research done by Emoto on water memory and I followed the conference of Emilio del Giudice and I am aware of the vibrational world around us thanks to my partner Naturopath and music-therapist. I did not know however Viktor Schauberger.

Still remained in me a little doubt on the tool that was going to buy. You Mr Lange with your kindness and exaustive information helped me to take the decision to order one of your device.

I wanted to thank the trust you have placed in me because I am almost certain that you sent the parcel before receiving my payment.

Now, after testing the device I believe that this water is simply FANTASTIC !!!

In addition to the taste and the absolute lack of any smell (even after days and days intentionally left an unopened bottle) gives me the feeling of freshness even when it is at ambient, temperature cool as a mountain stream.

As soon AcquaPhi arrived I immediately started drinking water and the first days I had some strong headaches (or maybe it's just a coincidence) and fatigue but after few days now I have the feeling of increased physical and mental energy , greater clarity, better digestion, greater drainage.

I think it is the best purchase I have ever made and I will carry with me all my life! Water is our best friend! Even my partner Manuela is excited and we are recommending it to other people.

Thank you again and when you are coming to Romagna would be nice to be able to meet for a meal and a drink (not water hahaha !!) also together with our common friend Arch. Pietro

Good luck and see you soon.

Good day!

I finally have a quiet moment after unpacking dozens of boxes... just like Christmas....
The installation of our AcquaPhi was as simple as you had explained to me.

My plumber didn’t know anything about this class or category of device. I summed up how it operates, offering up some of those brochures that I found in the package.

First, I did the test-drinking of water before and after AcquaPhi. Then, I did the same 'comparative testing' with my husband and my friends.

First of all, the water’s taste is different. Ordinary water kind of sticks on the tongue but with AcquaPhi water the feeling is of pure freshness and more liquidity. The result: VERY pleasant to drink!!

Secondly, this restructured water tastes--and feels--as if it is full of energy compared to the regular tap-water that seems lifeless in comparison! Even after a day of sitting, it does not appear to lose any of its intensity of energy. Fabulous!!!

Third, this water is not leaving limestone deposits on the faucet and the sinks; a noticeable effect on stainless steel!

And Fourth, it saves me money on detergent because it now only takes me a few drops of soap to achieve the same cleaning level as before.

For now, this is what I have found. After a number of baths and showers, I'll be more precise in terms of whether or not I see any dermatological benefits.

New reports and evaluations will follow shortly.
Thanks again, see you soon!

A few info about "water cure" and a table of ppm measurements.
I've measured our normal tap water with 144 - 149 ppm, but AcquaPhi water has 155 - 162 ppm ... same tap water, but processed with the energizer from Christian Lange. The higher ppm means that the water is a better electrical conductor, without any additives, just by the technique of water activation. This can be easily measured by a small and cheap device for water quality.

Hello Christian.

AcquaPhi is certainly very good at home!

I can say that I have a skin condition on my hands and with just two baths it seems to have regressed. I'm curious to see the effects on the vitiligo I have. For now, I propose to take a bath a day and drink about 4 liters a day.

I have a pleasant feeling of lightness. 

Second day. Impressions:
Today I didn’t drink all my water but I had two baths.I tested the rejuvenated water with a litmus test. The result; a pH of 8, maybe over.-My taste is now more refined (even if I'm a smoker for decades). I feel the food much more and now when I drink 'other water,' I perceive them as "dead."

- A general feeling of physical lightness and emotional calm.

- The salad vegetables I washed and soaked in AcquaPhi water became fragrant.

Kind regards

Here at last.  Hope this email arrives.

So soon the activator had been installed I noticed a considerable increase in water pressure.

After having drunk a little we felt more energetic ... now I do not know if the placebo effect came into play or not ;)

Our water is very rich in limestone and very heavy. But after installing your device the water had a lighter flavor and I noticed that the limestone deposits from water droplets on the valve that first went away only with very strong solvents such Viakal are now of a much lower residue.

Both me and my husband Massimo, we feel as if deflated; physiologically overall, our organs feel they are functioning better for us and, unexpectedly I might add, my cellulite is diminishing!

Massi noticed that when you shower with this rejuvenated water, our skin becomes softer and smoother.

I'll keep you updated!

Thank you!

Dearest Christian, how are you?

Now it's been a year since I installed my ... and I wanted to update you on what is tangible and visible ... not just for me. 

The thing that has been noticed from my mother is that since a couple of months now the laundry comes out with extreme white. We always use the same detergent (one bio-ecological and vinegar as softener) and the washing machine is always the same ...I use all white bed sheets and many shirts and sweaters.

As you know, the white tissue more you wash the more it tends to yellow ... while Acquaphi is exactly the opposite. 

Many other things (like cooking pasta and the delicious flavor of tap water) were evident from the beginning.

With regard to heating instead I changed the boiler, and the reduction of costs (less than half compared to the previous year) is in part also due to the new boiler, but I'm convinced that the efficiency in part also depends from Acquaphi, although more difficult to assess. Please note that among other things I'm using a lot more hot water than the previous year.

Physical health ... even here the change is evident in recent months. I feel good and the skin is more healthy.

So much so that many people tell me I look younger (just recently a couple of customers, one of which was a year that I did not see).

In addition to drinking plenty of water, I do bath 2/3 times a week (even in summer).

I would say that today I'm really excited ... I wonder how long it will last the efficiency of Acquaphi.

Kind regards

Hello again Christian

It’s been a while and a lot has happened in this time so I do apologize for keeping you in suspense. We’ve had Peter’s oldest friends from Germany, a wedding, a staff party, and much more going on besides the most important item on the agenda: to install the egg in a place that it deserves.

So, while the installation is not yet finished (Peter still has to build the house around it), we now have AquaPhi running through our veins and everywhere else.

I took these two pics of our little meditation courtyard which is where we decided she would live. This is a calm, embracing space which luckily is not too far from the incoming water supply. We had to clear the garden where the structure was installed so it looks a little bare but will start planting around her again. We are creating a type of shrine to celebrate her function and importance in our lives.

At the moment we’re keeping her covered with a padded cotton blanket over which we put a large plastic bag. As soon as Peter has completed her home, I’ll send you the final pic.  

Initial reaction:

1) Peter’s coffee has never tasted so good!

2) Christine, (wife of Joachim and visiting friends), says it tastes like a little bit of saffron has been added to it. She loves the earthiness and consumed copious amounts (nor normal) during her stay with us.
 So, Jocky or Christine Bein will be contacting you for a smaller model for their home in Hamburg.

3) The staff are filling their bottles to take home for drinking.

4) Deborah, our manager, who is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist and in general an extremely elevated, enlightened individual, said that she’s had a shower and her skin was tingling (we’d just installed it without her knowing).

5) We are so comforted by the fact that we have this incredible life force running through our entire establishment.

It gets better:

Our water went from a pH of 6.6 to an incredible 7.6. Ideal drinking water and therefore we could not have wished for a perfect result.

I’d read the literature before and it did mention that the pH wouldn’t change unless slightly. I know this might sound strange but I do seriously wonder if it has anything to do with where we have placed the egg, the fact that this is a very powerful energy centre and the sincere intentions that we have for healing with this water?

It was quite interesting to watch the pH meter during the process. Just as we thought the level had been reached, it would move up again. Because the water was ‘alive’, no doubt!

The downside (temporary):

All our formulations (hundreds) are affected by the change in pH. So this has put us under quite some stress (the reason also that I’ve not had the time to get back to you). I’ll be in the little factory again today with the supervisor, adjusting and re-writing the formulations for our current orders (day by day) as these just have to get out. However, we’re now looking at going back to the lab to look at substituting certain raw materials with others that are by nature more acidic so that the change-over isn’t so demanding on our production time.  

This is a SMALL concession for having beautiful water, and really insignificant in the long term because I know that it can only enhance our products. Luckily we’re small and understand the value so this is not a real negative!  

This installation is structuring everything in our lives in a subtle way which is what we love about it. Not unlike Homeopathy - subtly shifting and nudging our vital healing force to affect real healing at core level. So, there is a paradigm shift taking place here at The Station and I know that many challenges and opportunities will present themselves as we learn to be embraced by this water. The learning never stops.  

Thank you Christian. For your amazing work.

As soon I drank the water I immediately felt the difference !
I'm very grateful for this product. Thank you very much!

Kind regards
test of AcquaPhi structured water on plants

Hello! This energized water has some amazing features.
In a test with English beans, Runner type, we did a comparison of germination using rainwater and AcquaPhi water. Both seeds were planted in the same soil type.

In the case of AcquaPhi after 6 days the bean was already grown strongly. The other bean with rainwater was not out yet.
Usually, these beans begin to sprout after 7- 10 days.

Great result!

Many greetings
Green lawn and Culture International GmbH
Annette-Kolb-Ring 37-18106 Rostock