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Spin - Emf protection


SPIN provides protection against cell phone radiation, smart meter and WiFi radiation.

Solutions for Electro Magnetic Pollution (EMF)

Electro Magnetic Pollution (EMF)

Electromagnetic radiation is produced by a variety of sources (appliances, computers, mobile phones, radio repeaters, etc. ...).

We are all living in a hazardous cloud of electromagnetic radiation in our homes today. There’s no way around it. EMFs cause chronic oxidative stress and DNA breakage. EMFs also were demonstrated to impact Calcium ions and their proper functioning in the cell.

Emar Researcheas on EMF

Emar Research and Biomedical Applications

Emar Research was founded in 1994 as foothold to a group of researchers committed to exploring and testing the interactions among electromagnetic fields of different nature, focusing for the most part on the electromagnetic energy generated by animal organisms.

Our main mission is to harmonize the "dance of the elements." Two equal and opposite electromagnetic fields tend to offset and merge, thus yielding a new state of the matter. The solution is to render possibile the osmosis of apparently incompatible principles, harmonizing what is harmful by generating an equal and opposite field capable of neutralizing any deleterious effect.

protection against emf radiations

SPIN solution

SPIN provides protection against cell phone radiation, smart meter and WiFi radiation protection.

Going deeper, it appears that exposing an individual to "protective" electromagnetic frequencies generated by SPIN, there is an evident improvement of cell mitosis functions, thereby initiating a process of progressive regeneration of the cells themselves.

SPIN - EMF Protection

Electromagnetic Pollution Cleaner
EMF and children

Children are particularly sensitive to health effects caused by EMF exposure because their immune system and nervous system are still developing. Parents who’ve installed the SPIN in their home report that their children sleep better, are calmer, focus better on homework, experience dramatic asthma relief, have fewer ADHD symptoms .

EMF Sources

SPIN provides powerful protection from all sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home, including:

Home electricity & appliances
Desktop computers
Lap top and cell phone when charging
Wireless router
Smart meters

children protection from electromagnetic pollution

SPIN emits pulsating electrical micro-fields (4 / 16 millimicrons) with frequencies akin to the electromagnetic field ideal for human cells.


Such action is determined through a realignment process of the frequencies over the electromagnetic distortion caused by different radiation sources.

The positive result is a highly significant reduction of biological damage due to improper ratios of oxidation, as well as the improvement of cell membrane oxygenation activity.


EMF Cleaner
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