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Frequently Asked Questions

AcquaPhi is an innovative device for the production of unlimited flow of activated water. The transmutation of normal tap water into structured water is carried out with a sophisticated system, in which special and naturally occurring geometries, vortexes, infrared fields and special meta-materials are used.

The water treated in such way seems to have a light and pleasant taste and is thirst-quenching like water coming from a mountain spring.

The only way many of the properties of water can be explained is by understanding that water has a unique molecular structure and certain circumstances encourage water to form a repeating, geometric, molecular pattern where water becomes a liquid crystal..

Some studies have shown that due to its special structure activated water conducts biologically important signals better and faster, enhances nutrient absorption capacities and more efficient discharge of heavy metals and other toxins.

According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, structured hexagonal water is mainly found in healthy cells, it protects the DNA structure and supports a variety of metabolic functions. His research reveals how both disease and aging are linked to the loss of hexagonal water in the body. 

The water remains active for months and does not lose its effect. 

It can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperatures. It is preferable to use glass bottles for storage. Plastic containers very often contain harmful softening agents which can easily pass into the water.

To enjoy the full benefits of structured water, it is recommended to drink 2 liters per day.

One of the benefits of AcquaPhi is that you can make promptly activated water anywhere you want. Naturally, this water can be used in food preparation. Just like the taste of the water is improved, the quality of the food seems enhanced as well.

It has often been reported that coffee, for instance, tastes milder and at the same time retains its intensive flavor. The batter can be made with this water, while food products such as fruits and vegetables can be left in the water for several minutes for a biophysical upgrade.

Absolutely yes. According to “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, “babies have almost 100% hexagonal water in their bodies when they are born.

The human body is 70-80% water. If considering the number of molecules, even 99% of all molecules of our body are water molecules. 
It has been observed that activated water transfers its biophysical properties to a certain extent to the surrounding normal water.  The paper “DNA, Waves, and Water“ of the Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier and the quantum physicist Emilio Del Giudice explains such effects scientifically with the properties of a “quantum field”.  

There are no parts installed inside of the AcquaPhi. The pipe system is uninterrupted from the start till the end. The pipe system is twisted or “spiraled” at regular intervals, causing swirls in the water. 

AcquaPhi has a very useful effect on the lime structure. 

Normal lime appears to be transformed into “aragonite”. “Aragonite” is a type of lime which does not accumulate on the walls or surfaces. The calcium lime which is already deposited in the pipelines will also be transformed into “aragonite” over time. It may occur that whole lime blocks come off. That is why sometimes you will find pieces of lime in the faucet filter.

AcquaPhi does not remove lime but instead changes its structure. This is the reason why water hardness measurements will remain the same.

Water molecules are organized in groups. Close above the freezing point (0° C) such a “water molecule ball” is made of approx. 700 water molecules, at 20° C of 450, at 37° C of 400 and during the transition from liquid to gaseous state, in other words when the water is boiling, of at least 50 water molecules. 
Such water molecule concentrations are generally known as „water clusters“. For this reason, the information from the past history of the water cannot be “deleted” with boiling, and conversely the AcquaPhi water in the form of water vapor, still has the corresponding natural information. During the treatment in AcquaPhi, the water gets information, which results in the formation of a hexagonal structure. Structured or activated water has typical properties which remain preserved in a heated condition. For example, there are reports of a more intensive yet milder aroma of coffee and tea which are made with heated water.

Yes, the structure remains preserved. The natural scientist Viktor Schauberger, whose theories were used for developing the AcquaPhi, said that water “dies” when flowing through pipes with a circular cross-section. Therefore the question is justified. 
But AcquaPhi water is dynamised to such an extent that it can easily “survive” (i.e. the structure remains unchanged) even when flowing though very long pipes. For the same reason, the water treated in AcquaPhi™ remains stable and can be easily stored for months.

Most systems used for water activation are limited in scope to “overwrite” the existing water information with biologically appropriate frequencies or information without previously “erasing the old memory”. Just think of video tapes, where one could overplay the tape with a new film. However, the image quality was not as good as when the film was recorded on a new tape. Just like the magnetic tape of a cassette, so does water also store information. In order to ensure the quality of information and to avoid that old information remains, it is necessary to “erase” any old water memory if highest water quality is sought. 
This is achieved by the geometry of the device and the special path of the water flow together with the use of materials that irradiate frequencies in the infrared spectrum.
At present, we are not aware of any other device with such water “formatting” capacities. Upon erasure, new information is imprinted. This information is provided by a special mixture of materials.
AcquaPhi extremely amplifies natural vibrations. This is achieved mainly due to the special egg-shaped designed in accordance with the “golden section”. This form was discovered by the manufacturer of AcquaPhi in 2002 and also published in Schauberger’s “Implosion” magazine. It is at present the only device which uses this special geometry and is protected by a corresponding utility model.

Viktor Schauberger recommended to “copy nature” in order to stimulate build-up processes. 

Nature “uses” non-euclidean geometries such as curves, spirals, and eggs. It is significant that life is created in eggs. Even the womb has an egg-shape. The “golden section” („Phi geometry “) is a constant that is found everywhere in the universe and in nature. It thus seemed appropriate to calculate and use an egg form according to the “golden section”. Aside from the casing, the pipes inside of the device have also been designed according to the Phi geometry.    

So far, it has been established that the pH-value, depending on the output water, is slightly increased and levels off at 7,4 (slightly alkaline), which corresponds to the optimal value for body cells. According to Schauberger’s theories, this could also be expected because alkaline water (pH > 7) corresponds to the structuring “implosion principle”, whereas acidic water (pH < 7) corresponds to the destructive “explosion principle”.
However, the influence of AcquaPhi or structured water on the pH-value should be examined more closely. First examinations were conducted at the University of Naples (Prof. Elia). According to the thermodynamics of Prigogine, the mixing temperature is increasing when superordinated structured are formed in the water. In addition to this, at the same time the pH-value increases, which explains the slightly increased pHvalue above the structuring when AcquaPhi is used.

AcquaPhi is designed to improve the structural quality of drinking water, but not to filter it. For this reason, we suggest, if necessary, to install an adequate filtration system for your needs. 

AcquaPhi should always be installed at the end of the system, after water pump filters, ect.

Taste alone is no quality criterion and water, which has been kept for a long time, usually tastes different from “freshly tapped” water from the tap. 
Many of our clients reported that water running out of AcquaPhi has a different taste (sweet, refreshing, better taste). This has been observed and confirmed by almost all users. Even if this is not exactly a scientific criterion, it is still pretty impressive and repeatable.
The official science has only recently started dealing more seriously with the topic of water structure. There are several reasons for this, as explained by Prof. Pollack in the introduction to his book “The fourth Phase of water”. At present, the proof in the form of crystal photos and the effects on biological systems can be demonstrated indirectly. The late Japanese water researcher Masaru Emoto, who developed crystal photography, proposed a simple, yet undeniable test criterion: increasing plant growth. And this is exactly what happens when AcquaPhi is used.

In May 2013 at the University of Bari, under the supervision of Prof. Domenico Spinazzola, Department of Preventive Medicine (Medicine and Surgery) a diploma thesis was written on the effects of AcquaPhi on users.
To date, we have a series of clues to the effects of AcquaPhi on the water, which is a confirmation of our approach. These effects are also enumerated in the thesis mentioned above. The observed effects are i.e. better plant growth, better and fresher taste, no calcification, smoother and softer skin, etc.
As with most other methods of alternative medicine, the effects of AcquaPhi have not yet been scientifically proven in the strictest scientific sense. Only recently the official science started to consider topics such as water structure and memory, and this is why appropriate definite results can be expected in the future.
Our customers are aware that AcquaPhi is a product that is still outside the framework of conventional science.
Even if we can only make general statements about the effects and the technology of water activation at the moment, we are still convinced that the approach of the Austrian water pioneer Viktor Schauberger- comprehend and copy nature - leads to achieving the goal of having the best water for our health and this we fully and profoundly took into account when developing the AcquaPhi.
Many customers from all over the world are highly satisfied with AcquaPhi and do not want to do without it anymore.

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