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Structured water units

AquaPhi Water Oxygenator

AcquaPhi is an innovative device that generates instant and unlimited oxygenated water, for all your needs. 

Our device replicates the natural process by which nature structures and revitalizes water focusing on the energetic field of water and its peculiar properties.

One time easy installation. 100% maintenance free.

AquaPhi Water Oxygenator for the treatment of drinking water

The structured water present in our cells (biological water), represents an information network that allows for the almost instantaneous transfer of all biological information.

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Hypersaturated dissolved oxygenated water

Dissolved Oxygen in Water

Lab test carried out on tap water shows an 8.9% increase in dissolved oxygen. This value has been verified to be stable after 24 hours. The percentage of 'dissolved oxygen and pH depends on the characteristics of the water source, such as: water temperature, operating pressure, hardness, conductivity, pH and existing dissolved oxygen, and therefore can vary between 3% and 10%.

The enrichment in dissolved oxygen is derived exclusively from the water itself and does not come from external sources. Our theory is that a small percentage of water molecules, composed of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, undergoes a molecular process from which oxygen is generated in the form of dissolved oxygen.

Comprehend and Copy Nature - Viktor Schauberger

AcquaPhi emulates the natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns.

Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically fresh and vibrant manner. All these processes structure and oxygenate the water.


The models Pro, Mini and Micro have the same structural and functional characteristics and differ only in the water flow.  Our units complement and empower every filtration system already in use.
Construction Quality

All internal pipes and connections are in Inox Aisi316 to prevent corrosion.

PHI Design

Construction parameters have been entirely based upon the mathematical value of Phi and pigreco.
The hydraulic system
follows the geometry of DNA, which has been theorized to act as an antenna for the energy fields that surround us.

AcquaPhi Water dynamizers
Meta Materials

AcquaPhi utilizes a specialized matrix of meta-materials which, without direct contact with the water, have the ability to influence the molecular structure of water by way of emanating frequencies.

Totally Free Maintenance

AcquaPhi doesn't require electricity or periodic substitution of parts or other accessories, therefore, is virtually a maintenance-free, life-time machine.

"Modern" water treatments

Most of the water in our cities and towns is over-processed. After being unnaturally pressurized,

To treat the growth of waterborne bacteria and viruses, chlorine and other harmful substances are added via the water treatment plants in our municipalities. These "modern" treatments cause water to lose its vitality and many of its natural properties, including its ability to self-clean and self-organize.

Electromagnetic pollution

Water stores within its electromagnetic structure signature remnants of the millions of materials with which it comes in contact with.

Water 'remembers' cadmium, lead, mercury, solvent, estrogen, dioxin, plant protection agents, lacquers, acids, x-ray contrast liquids, artificial fertilizer, phosphates, bleach, softeners, and the list goes on.

Restructuring water

AcquaPhi reset the molecular structure of the water erasing the old informations and deactivating the harmful effect of the pollutants.

After this process, a new set of harmonic information is imprinted at an energetic level. This is possible thanks to a special mix of meta-materials that emits frequencies in the infrared spectrum.

Masaru Emoto test for Energetic Signature

Our Tests

Pure water, as it is found in nature, has a perfect structure that can be observed (when frozen) as an harmonic, geometrical crystals. The biological water inside our cells is structured water.

Dr. Emoto’s ground-breaking research on so-called ‘healing waters’ reveals how water's molecular structure is organized into crystalline geometric patterns and how this structure interacts with 'vibrational impulses' emanating from the surrounding environment.

We utilized the same technique to analyze the crystals of ordinary tap-water after having been revitalized.

Effects of structured water on plants

Structured Water & Plants

While benefits on human beings are difficult to demonstrate following the standard protocols of science, the benefits of structured water on plants are readily observable.


Hello again Christian

Initial reaction:

1) Peter’s coffee has never tasted so good!

2) Christine, (wife of Joachim and visiting friends), says it tastes like a little bit of saffron has been added to it. She loves the earthiness and consumed copious amounts (nor normal) during her stay with us.

 So, Jocky or Christine Bein will be contacting you for a smaller model for their home in Hamburg.

3) The staff are filling their bottles to take home for drinking.

4) Deborah, our manager, who is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist and in general an extremely elevated, enlightened individual, said that she’s had a shower and her skin was tingling (we’d just installed it without her knowing).

5) We are so comforted by the fact that we have this incredible life force running through our entire establishment.

It gets better:

Our water went from a pH of 6.6 to an incredible 7.6. Ideal drinking water and therefore we could not have wished for a perfect result.

I’d read the literature before and it did mention that the pH wouldn’t change unless slightly. I know this might sound strange but I do seriously wonder if it has anything to do with where we have placed the egg, the fact that this is a very powerful energy centre and the sincere intentions that we have for healing with this water?

It was quite interesting to watch the pH meter during the process. Just as we thought the level had been reached, it would move up again. Because the water was ‘alive’, no doubt!

This installation is structuring everything in our lives in a subtle way which is what we love about it. Not unlike Homeopathy - subtly shifting and nudging our vital healing force to affect real healing at core level. So, there is a paradigm shift taking place here at The Station and I know that many challenges and opportunities will present themselves as we learn to be embraced by this water. The learning never stops.  

Thank you Christian. For your amazing work.

Jenny & Peter

The Station Seychelles

AcquaPhi BIG
For biodynamic agriculture, herds, pools, tanks & SPAs

Operational Pressure Max 6 bar

Height 170 cm, Width 120 cm
In and Out Reversible

bio dynamic agriculture
Water Flux: ~ 16.500 Lt/h

Operational Water temperature 0°C - 60°C


The described properties of our products are based on experience gained from practical applications using AcquaPhi. However, such experience is not yet validated by currently accepted scientific measurement methods. Consequently, our customers purchase products that are based on research outside the framework of conventional science

None of the statements on any pages of this website have been submitted for review, nor have they been approved by the FDA or any other regulatory agency. This site is intended to provide educational information about our products and nothing stated is intended as medical advice or counseling. Please contact your doctor or medical practitioner with any questions about any health matter or condition.